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O’Shea Smart Moves Slide Sheets

O’Shea Smart Moves Slide Sheets come imbued with three layers of silicone to ensure the least amount of push/pull forces possible when transferring patients and the longevity of the product.

Being sized at 2m x 1.5m guarantees that the patient is entirely positioned on top of the slide sheet, reducing any friction felt by the patient.

O’Shea On-Line Training and Assessment Tool

The O’Shea NoLift Systems Training and Assessment Tool can be used for both training and assessing competency. It gives the student the opportunity to access five (5) learning modules. These modules identify how to assess a patient (risk assessment) and include all the tasks associated with repositioning a patient/resident on the bed and transferring a patient/resident on and off the bed. Each module has a Quiz which students have the option to do. The Final Assessment consists of 20 multiple choice questions based on the modules.

Staff are able to access any part of the course at any time, including the competency assessment aspect without having to undertake the training modules if they feel confident in their knowledge and abilities.

Cheat Sheets Lanyard Size

The cheat sheets that outline the O’Shea NoLift System generic procedures have been shrunk down to lanyard size! Staff are able to have access to a quick, constant reference without having to carry around paperwork or stop work to consult with resources in the office. The cheat sheets are able to be attached to lanyards straight away for ease and convenience.


O’Shea NoLift Systems Safe Patient Handling DVD is a 30 minute learning resource that introduces new skills for safe patient handling for those staff and facilities that are new to the O’Shea System.

For those facilities and staff familiar with the system it provides a resource to revisit and update the staff’s foundation skills.

Instructor Manuals

O’Shea NoLift Systems Instructor Manual is a bound learning resource specifically created for the Champions/Trainers at the local level of the System. It provides a detailed layout of the System, a step by step ‘how to’ delivery framework, clearly outlined procedures including the rationale, and the paperwork to assess competencies.

Self-Directed Learning Packages

O’Shea NoLift Systems Self-directed Learning Package is a bound learning resource that provides the principles and practices of the System, the guidelines to competency requirements and written activities that support self directed learning. Staff are able to complete this package individually.