A Case Study

Evaluating the O'Shea System

MT Olivet Hospital in Brisbane Implemented the O'Shea System and found that:

  • " Total workers' compensation costs for patient handling claims decreased 95%.
  • " Average cost of a patient-handling claim declined 84%.
  • " Number of patient handling claims decreased 70%.
  • " Average number of days lost per patient handling claim dropped 81%.

Other significant results:

  • " Improved patient quality care with a reduction in skin tears and bruising.
  • " Reduced pain relief needed for hospice patients.
  • " Staff stating they were less fatigued at the end of the working day.
  • " Reduced number of sick days for staff.
  • " Increased staff satisfaction.
  • " Cost effective work practices with all staff being able to carry out patient handling tasks.

** From "Case Study - A Change in the Approach to Patient Manual Handling in a Brisbane Hospital"

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