Quality, Safety, Productivity

The O'Shea No Lift System manages manual handling risks in the health care industry. It has revolutionized the way patients and residents are moved and transferred by carers in health care facilities.

The System was developed in 1995 to combat the unacceptably high injury rates to health care workers involved in moving and handling patients and materials.

It has now been successfully implemented into more than 450 diverse facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and the US, from nursing homes to acute care hospitals. Approximately ninety percent of the state government hospitals in Victoria, Australia use this cost effective system.

Since its widespread implementation, facilities have seen a significant reduction in musculo skeletal risks to their employees and improved quality of care for their patients and residents.

Addresses all manual handling hazards (people and materials) in all areas

Many programs address patient handling or materials handling only. The O’Shea System addresses ALL hazardous manual tasks from the clinical area such as the wards to non-clinical areas such as food and hotel services

Immediate implementation

Our extensive experience in process, change management, training and risk management ensures the organisation can commence implementation immediately.

Documentation tailored to suit your organisation

Developing the right documentation is time consuming and complicated. O’Shea has the critical tools which can be quickly customized and are then ready to go. These include policies, safe operating procedures, hazard identification and risk management tools, audit and monitoring tools and training tools including manuals, self-directed learning packages, DVD and online courses.

Ensures culture change

What makes the O'Shea System so effective is its ability to quickly achieve the cultural change necessary to integrate "no lift" and risk management policies and procedures into daily practice.

Empowers staff to manage risks

The O’Shea System ensures staff and managers manage risk at the local level. It encourages everyone to be part of the solution, to think outside the box, to be creative and use processes within the organisation to achieve positive outcomes.

Systematic program

The program begins with the safe operating procedures and creates local and corporate structures to enable staff to comply with these procedures. This ensures sustainability of the program and contributes to regulatory compliance.

Proven outcomes

O’Shea’s outcomes reflect the success of this program. Independent evaluations identify significant reductions in staff injuries, cost of claims and number of days lost.